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Blender Anime Game character Course [Advanced]

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This is a advanced Blender anime course!

What to expect in this course.

1. We will be moddeling the character in the right topology together.
(yes i expect you to know what topology means.)
I created a very streight forward way to model in the right topology.

2. We will be using some slight sculpting wich can easily be done with the mouse,
even i used the mouse most times. But its not neccesary to sculpt if not wanted.

3. We are going to some quick uv unwrapping.

4. We are going to build a HIGHLY reusable node to seperate parts of our mesh.
(this node can be used for all sorts of models)

5. I will be explaining how Baking in blender works.

6. We will creat a reusable setup for some additional texture outlines.

7. We will build a reusable, custom fresnel/rimlight function.

8. We will build the base shadow/shading

9. In between im going to explain how this shading works,
show you a alternative way of doing shading and how games usually do it.

10. We will build a reusable hair shader setup, that has view based,
fake reflections and a changeable color ramp.

11. The eyes will also get a shader setup. No texture painting!
This shader setup is easily reusable and changeable.

12. Even if we dont do texture painting we are going to build in a texture
just in case we want to paint something.

13. We are going to creat and adjust the main outline.

14. Near the end we will put in some extra controlls,
for fresnel size and color on indevidual mesh parts.

15. And in the end we will prepair the face for custom expressions.

This course is roughly 12h long, wich might seem pretty short for a character course but i think i managed to pack informations up nicely.

So you should have a base knowledge of,

1. Blender shortkeys
(i will call the keys im pressing, still some base knowledge needed)

2. moddeling
(im still very explainatory but you should have built some stuff befor)

3. uv unwrapping
(know what it is and why its needed)

4. Nodes
(i will be showing and explaining nodes but you should have use them before)

5. Modifiers
( you defenetly should have used modifiers befor, not going to explain how a mirror works)

If you are a total blender beginner,

check out my beginner friendly course!

Join my Discord!

Make sure to tell me when you join!

Check out my Patreon!

I do not allow refunds!

You are not able to "give back" the downloaded content or the knowledge you gain from this course.
As simple as that.

Video Menu:

6_sculpt explanation
7_ear fix
11_face parts
16_building our seperation node
17_seperating colors
18_how to bake
19_additional outline
21_talking about shading
22_additional soft ramp
23_hair shader
24_eye setup
25_cleaning up the eye
26_baking the eye
28_finishing the face
29_additional texture
30_prepairing the outline
31_adjusting the outline
32_fixing the shading
33_placing the additional outline
35_fresnel size adjustment
36_fresnel color adjustment
38_face setup and blue vertex color
39_hair ramp

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A advanced anime blender course for game character creation. (moddeling and texturing)


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Blender Anime Game character Course [Advanced]

3 ratings
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