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Blender to UE4 Character, using Auto Rig Pro.

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Please note:

That i am useing the PAYED add on "Auto Rig Pro" in the first half of this course.
You will have to get that add on seperatly on your own.

This add on can be found here on gumroad.

Look for "Auto Rig Pro"

This course includes:

1. A mesh of a Character i made.

2. how to installĀ  "Auto Rig Pro"

3. How to use the add on "Auto Rig Pro"

4. How to weight paint.

5. How to set up corrective shapekeys useing the add on "Auto rig pro"

6. How to retarget using the add on "Auto rig pro"

7. How to set up Unreal Engine 4 for our use.

8. How to add external animations to our project

9. How to Retarget animations, using mixamo.

10. How to export the character to ue4 using the add on "Auto Rig Pro"

This Course is Roughly 3.5h Long

So you should have a base knowledge of,

1. Blender shortkeys

(i will call the keys im pressing, still some base knowledge needed)

2. Rigging

You should have Rigged something befor.

I am very explanatory about things but i think you should already have some base knowledge when starting this course.

If you are a total blender beginner,

check out my beginner friendly course!

Join my Discord!

Make sure to tell me when you join!

If you have any trouble with this course, let me know!

I am happy to help of fix mistakes in this course!

Check out my Patreon!

I do not allow refunds!

You are not able to "give back" the downloaded content or the knowledge you gain from this course.

As simple as that.

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Blender to UE4 Character, using Auto Rig Pro.

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