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Blender to UE4 nodes.

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In this course you will learn how to efficently use nodes in Blender and Unreal Engine 4.
(efficently means no mix RGB, no mix shader, no lerp etc)

And in the end we are going to put our nodes/objects into Unreal Engine 4.

With the current hype around UE5 im convinced this is a good course for people who want to slowly start learning Unreal.
Because to properly put things into UE you need to be able to understand node logics.
Wich is what i am explaining in this course.

Once you understood the node logic in one programm it is not very hard converting this logic into another programm.

You will get:

1_ One Fox mask model

2_ We will paint this model in a specific way so the colors are adjustable like in a character creator. (no mix rgb, no mix shader)

3_We will do some baking

4_ Explaining nodes / node math. 

5_ creating a SOLID workingcel shader useing explained math.

6_ creating proper node groups for easy adjustments.

(easy adjustable, shadows, sharpness of shadows, colors, rim light, bloom etc)

7_ Creating and explaining Bloom

8_ Creating a anime outline with a twist for ue4

9_ creating a fire texture

10_ explaining vector math and deforming our fire texture.

11_ creating a variation of our fire deformation

12_ reading our nodes together

13_ creating fake reflections 

14_animating our flame

15_ animating a light using modifiers

16_ and redo everything in ue4,

setting up the nodes,

the cel shader,

the flame animation,

light animation etc.

If you have questions

or need help with the course, join my


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Blender to UE4 nodes.

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